Tamar Braxton Claims Ex-Fiance Dumped Her The “Same Hour” Her Car Was Vandalized!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Tamar Braxton split from Jeremy “JR” Robinson recently, and the star confessed that it was he who dumped her.

“I have a quick testimony,” she said on Instagram. “Imagine your home being robbed, moving to a new city, trying to find your new tribe, never finding where you fit in… and then finally settling in with at least one person you trust… to getting your car robbed and vandalized.. then broken up with from the person you love and feel safe with all in the same hour…WHAT ARE YOU DOING GOD!!!????… ITS TOO MUCH!!!??!!!”

“It’s not. That’s a lie,” she continued. “let me tell y’all something…..he’s changing your situation.. changing your environment…changing EVERYTHING so that He can finish something in you that HE started!! TRUST in HIM… TRUST THE PROCESS!! God Got you!!!!! #beencouraged never give up… it’s all right around the corner … if he doesn’t CHANGE your situation.. CHANGE will NEVER come!!!”

The star later deleted the post after some fans accused her of playing the victim.

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