Tabitha Brown RESPONDS To Rumors That She’s A WITCH … ‘I’m Clear What I’m To Do w/ My GIFTS’!

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Social media star Tabitha Brown is being called a “witch” by people all across social media. And it’s all because Tabitha claims to possess certain supernatural “gifts” which Tabitha says she has been given by God.

Tabitha – who is a Christian – has some unorthodox views. She believes that she’s been given powers, including the ability to see the future. According to Tabitha she was given these powers, after she looked into the mirror – and asked to be “healed” by God. The social media star claim that after that incident, God gave her supernatural powers.

Many Christians believe Tabitha’s claim – that she has powers – but tmany are skeptical that Tabitha’s powers were given to her by God. Some of Tabitha’s critics have taken to social media, and are calling Tabitha’s powers – witchcraft.


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Tabitha responded to the criticism, saying that she is comfortable with her powers – saying that God specifically instructed her how and when to use her “gifts.”

Media Take Out heard in Tabitha’s own words “I’m very clear on the assignment that God has me on. My assignment was “deposited in me.” She continued, “God was clear on what his assignment was for me, and I’m doing it.”

She then issued a warning towards those who criticize her. Tabitha told her critics that they are “putting out evil, and God did not deposit that in you.”

Tabitha then added, “And God is not pleased [with the evil you’re spreading] … God please have mercy on them.”

She ended by telling her critics, “Be careful, be very careful.”


@bossbabe_carla even cousin Tab said it, not just me. y’all miserable folks need to really fall back and it’s a real shame that there’s so much negativity being spewed in the world when you see someone happy with the current state of the world 🤦🏾‍♀️ #fyp #tabithabrown #iamtabithabrown #blackgirltiktok #blackgirltiktok ♬ original sound – Boss Babe Carla

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