Tabitha Brown: I Don’t ALLOW My Husband Chance To Be Friends w/ Women … I Don’t TRUST THEM

Lyndon Abioye |

Tabitha Brown and her husband Chance seem to have one of the best relationships on social media. But is it???

Yesterday Tabitha and Chance created a joint video together, where she explained certain rules she has for the man in her life. Rule number one is that he is not allowed to have any female friends.

According to Tabitha, she’s not trying to let another woman get close to her husband, and possibly steal him away. Chance seemed to go along with Tabitha’s edict.

As Media Take Out reported, Tabitha just signed a multi-million dollar deal with Target, to carry her products. Chance, who used to work as a police officer, recently quit his job and is now working as part of Tabitha’s team.


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