T-Rell Threatens Adam22’s 2-Yr-Old Daughter

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Fans think T-Rell crossed the line in his beef with Adam22, when he mentioned the No Jumper boss’ young daughter, Parker.

“I want everybody to hate me, for the rest of your life. Tell Parker when she see me. When you see this Parker when you’re older, I’ma kick you in your a-s. And f-ck yo daddy. F-ck yo grandma too. You feel me, but thats where I’m at with it,” he said.

Parker is just 2 years old.

Back in March, King T-Rell announced that he was leaving the No Jumper podcast with fellow host AD after AD’s resignation.

“It was always a time where anybody could have came to us and said: you know what? you know… let’s take this I see y’all doin good… let’s take this, let’s put this on No Jumper and do that… because we was all willing to stick together and make sure we ride this thing out… coz I wanted to be at No Jumper for the long haul…” he said at the time.

Several hosts walked away from the network and Adam22 saw views dip, but the addition of Wack 100 seems to have helped.

Did T-Rell go too far?

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