T-Pain Makes More Money Playing Video Games Than Dropping Music

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T-Pain says that he makes more money from playing videos games on Twitch than he does from his music.

“I’m making more money off of video games than I have made in the last four years. Just playing them. Playing video games,” he said, telling Steve-O that he’s not even good at playing the video games.

“I think that’s what makes it better,” he said. “I mean there are definitely good players out there that make a ton of money, but I think the entertainment that comes from somebody like me being trash at it, I think that’s just more valuable and more entertaining.”

Weeks ago he went viral after he went off on the city of Dallas for failing to show up for his tour date.

“On the tour we do a weekly tour update kind of thing, you know, and we send out this little spreadsheet of the percentages of tickets we’ve sold in each city,” T-Pain said. “I got to tell you, man, there’s only one question: ‘What the f*ck, Dallas?'”

Only 26% of the venue was sold out.

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