T-Pain Crowns Drake The King Of ‘Simp Music’

Tiffany Brockworth |

T-Pain says he used to make simp music, but he says Drake has beat him at his own game.

“I had zero confidence in any of my music, I was always the simp, remember? I was always the n-gga that didn’t have any confidence that anything could happen at all, I was always wishing for a girl,” he said.

“‘I’m Sprung’ – that was about me simping to hell. First real simp joint. ‘I’m In Love With A Stripper’…never said I ever got her. Just said I liked her a bunch. ‘Bartender’…never took her anywhere. She was just a bartender. Never said we f-cked or anything. Just me simping from afar,” he continued.

Rob Markman added, “I think we need that back in music though.”

Pain responded: “Simpin’? Nah, I think Drake got it covered.”

In the comments, fans supported T-Pain.

One fan wrote, “But honestly that’s what made his songs unique. Most other dudes always rapped or sang about already having the woman and doing whatever to her and moving on to the next. Pain songs had a sort of, pining comfortability about them. Like, it was cool to actually have crushes and fall for someone you didn’t necessarily have but that admiration gave you either confidence or purpose. And it was okay and even fun to have those feelings because it meant you were alive or something. I don’t know it was just refreshing.”

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