T.I. Defends Son King: We All Got Bad-A*s Kids!!

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T.I. wants people to stop calling him out over his son King. King has gone viral several times for his wild behavior but Tip says he cannot be blamed for his son’s actions.

“I would like to shed light on the fact we all got bad-ass kids. Don’t make it seem like I’m the only one on here who got bad-ass kids,” told Shannon Sharpe. “You feel what I’m saying? If you ain’t got no bad-ass kids you got one and you got lucky. Anybody with three or more, you got one that you don’t know what the hell you gon’ do with. You feel me? So I just wanted to take the time to say that.”

King was arrested alongside Boosie’s son in 2022 and at the time, Tip said the only place his son would end up if he continued was in prison.

“Small request, stop hitting me. Getting in my comments… tellin’ me what to tell King. I know my son, think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and his grandmamas? His ass goin’ to prison! If he gotdamn keep this sh-t up, his ass goin’ to prison. Can’t nobody stop it but him. I’ve already made my peace with it because I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s gonna turn out.”

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