SZA EXPOSES Rihanna for Stealing Her Song “Consideration” . .. I NEVER Gave Her The Song

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The new Queen of R&B, SZA opened up in a new interview about different songs of hers and “Consideration” was brought up – and SZA spilled some tea.

According to SZA, Rihanna invited a group of talented singers and songwriters to a house in Malibu to write music for her album Anti. SZA was one of the invited singers and somehow ended up getting her song TAKEN by Rihanna and her team.

In the new interview she explains:

“Consideration was the centerpiece to my album at the time. And for her it was just like part of her album. And I was like, ‘please no.’ I had just shot a video for it and I was about to drop it in a couple of days. It was already done, like whatever the conversation like label wise, was already done, so it was just like a matter of me accepting [Rihanna would take the song]. It was so hard to let go and accept but now it’s like I thank God I made cool music outside of it. And I don’t know why I thought my creativity would just stop. Like it was the pinnacle of what I could make, ‘if she has it then I’ll just never be anything.'”

The new Queen of R&B also spoke on her feature on Travis Scott’s ”Telekensis” in which she says was inspired by Drake whose Marvin’s Room flow she used on the verse:

“Everyone grew up on Drake in some obvious way. So somewhere in my subconscious he just skips around sprinkling breadcrumbs.”

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