Superbowl Halftime Show Tea: Rihanna 5 Hours Late Rehearsal & Has Done Only ONE Rehearsal!

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Media Take Out was the first news source in the world to tell you guys that Rihanna was performing at this year’s Super Bowl – as the halftime act.

Now we’re hearing some pretty disturbing tea about Rihanna – and it’s causing many to worry that her performance may end up being one huge CLUSTER F**K!!

Rihanna has been away from music and performances for more than 3 years – the Super Bowl is set to re-launch her music career. And you would think that she would be taking it very seriously, and putting in the hours and work for the biggest night of her career, on the biggest stage in American live entertainment.

You’d be wrong, according to a snitch at production.

One tipster told the popular online blog DeuxMoi, “My friend is working on the production for the SB halftime show. Rihanna had a midnight call time and showed up at 5 am! Kept a ton of Apple employees waiting for hours (Apple is this year’s sponsor)”

The Deauxmoi blogger added, “I actually also heard that she’s only had like one rehearsal so far, as in it’s hard for them to get her to rehearsal, so maybe this is true”

We really hope that Rihanna takes the performance seriously …. we’d hate for her to make herself into a Meme that night …

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