Summer Walker Gets BEAT UP … By Her Two Year Old Daughter BUBBLES!! (Black Twitter Reacts)

Lyndon Abioye |

Summer Walker is going viral on social media, after two different videos showed Summer’s two year old child Bubbles attacking her, Media Take Out has learned.

The two videos – which were shot more than a week apart – show two separate encounters, where Summer’s toddler daughter flew into a rage and attacked her mom.

Yesterday Summer’s daughter attacked her at the two year old’s birthday party, and a fan captured the drama on video. And in the second video, from last week, Bubbles started old fighting her mom, over a song that she didn’t like:

Fans all over social media are doing the most after seeing the video.

Some on Black Twitter are suggesting that the two year old may have some sort of “sensory” issue, that is causing this behavior. Of course those speculating have ZERO evidence that this is true.

Others are blaming Summer’s very non-interventional parenting style as the cause of Bubbles’ behavior.

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