Summer Walker Blasts Fans Over ‘Boring’ Performance Claims

Lyndon Abioye |

Summer Walker clapped back at fans who still call her live performances boring, by claiming her music does need complex choreography.

“You know what doesn’t add up to me? When people say ‘put that same energy in your show sis. I have been hearing that sh-t for years and I never responded because I thought it was so dumb, but tell me how this adds up to you.”

Summer then twerks to “Session 32” to prove her point while her new boyfriend, Lil Meech stands by laughing.

During her performances, Summer is usually standing still and fans roast her for not moving up and down the stage.

Her fans defended her in the comments.

“For y’all saying social anxiety. This is the definition right here. The way she will be on stage and how she is at home with her man will always be another level. Honestly if you not like this with yo man then you need a new one 😂😂❤️” one fan wrote.

“And not too much on summer walker , she been killing her performances for us for a long time and now since she dating and happy , y’all gotta find something to hate on !! Ppl get on my nerves 😂” another wrote.

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