Sukihana Says She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Listen To Her Music

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Sukihana says she doesn’t let her own children listen to her music because it is too vulgar.

“I don’t let my kids listen to my music. I’m an adult entertainer/ I make vulgar music, and just, like, hip-hop. What I will tell you is that kids should be kids. Just like I monitor who my kids listen to, I wouldn’t let my kids listen to me. Maybe one day, I’ll make a kid’s song, a children’s song, and they’ll listen to that,” she said on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion.

Suki says that her music may change over time because she has grown as a woman.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I will take responsibility for something though. I feel like me growing up now because people watched me from the beginning and they see me know and they still think I’m over there. But, I have grown and matured as a woman and so I do plan on making more music that children could listen to. Because I do have an influence on a lot of people. And I know that I have to change it up because that’s what I’m here to do.”

Sukihana is a rapper originally from Wilmington, Delaware who grew up in Atlanta. She rose to fame while on social and for her viral songs, such as “Blame Trina”, “5 Foot Freestyle” and “Drug Dealer” featuring Cuban Doll. She has three children from previous relationships.

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