Sukihana Responds To Twitter Troll… Defends Her AFRICAN Features!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Sukihana took to Twitter to defend herself after an internet troll said a few mean things about the way she looks.

“idk how people find her attractive.. all i see is ..” the troll wrote, adding a meme of a Baby Bop dinosaur holding up a “stop” sign.

Sukihana caught wind of the tweet and responded: “To be honest YES they find me attractive. Me having African features does not equal ugly. I’m actually pretty in person. Y’all be mad at my nose y’all bully ppl into surgery then talk about them after. Hollywood is already hard on black noses don’t make it worst.”

The rapper recently addressed the viral incident with YK Osiris.

“He had reached in for a kiss, and it was like ‘he don’t really know who I am. Like he don’t know how I do,'” she said in the interview. “And I know that he’s not a bad person because I’m a Scorpio, so we’re telepathic, so I feel when people are good people. So I just feel like maybe he didn’t read the room as good and it’s okay people make mistakes.”

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