Suge Knight Says Diddy Has Been An FBI Informant For FOREVER!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Suge Knight spilled some more tea about Diddy on his collect call podcast, claiming that the Bad Boy boss was an FBI informant.

Suge says Diddy has been tipping off the feds for years.

“It shouldn’t be a grey area when it comes to doing something right, doing something positive, or doing something for the community. That being said, naturally, Puffy been an FBI informant forever, as they would say. That’s why it’s different when it comes to him,” he said on his Collect Call podcast.

Suge claims everybody around Diddy knows he’s an informant.

He continued: “Regardless of who gets hurt, all everybody been saying is ‘Puffy, Puffy, Puffy.’ I think they shouldn’t all blame everything on Puffy. His exes in the industry knew about it. Everybody in his crew knew about it. The bitches he dates knew about it. Everybody knew about it. So don’t push away from it now.”

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