Suge Knight Civil Trial Jury ‘Deadlocked’

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The jury in the Suge Knight trial has been ordered to return to court this week after they were “deadlocked” and failed to reach a verdict.

Suge is facing trial after he killed Terry Carter with his Ford Raptor truck by driving over him with his truck. Their vote was split 7-to-5 but they need 9 votes out of 12 for a verdict in the wrongful death case, Rolling Stone reports.

“We realize you have a very difficult split, but the consensus for everyone is we want to try to find an end to this case, if at all possible,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Thomas D. Long reportedly said. “We want to make sure that all efforts to reach a verdict, one way or the other, have been exhausted.”

“If you believe that Marion’ Suge’ Knight was lawfully acting in self-defense, he must do so while using reasonable care to avoid injury to innocent bystanders,” their new instructions read, “the right to self-defense ends when there is no longer any apparent danger of further violence on the part of the assailant,” including after an alleged victim acts in self-defense and “uses enough force upon his attacker as to render the attacker apparently incapable of inflicting further injuries.”

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