Styles P Says R&B Singers Also LIE In Their Lyrics!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Fat Joe faced backlash after claiming that he lied in 95% of his lyrics…but Styles P says singers lie too.

“R&B singers is lying in 95 percent of their songs. Country may be harder than rap. You ever listen to country music? They be sayin’ some gangsta sh-t,” said Styles P.

Styles P suggests there is a double standard when it comes to rappers.

“They never even say nothing to the record labels who’re putting out the artists. They never say nothing to the radio stations, they never say nothing to the magazines, but you wanna hold the poor kid from the ghetto responsible for trying to make it doing what he knows is popular genre. [Black folks] have a right to take care of our community, but sometimes you gotta let a person grow into that,” he said.

Young thug is currently on trial facing RICO charges. Much of the evidence was taken from his music, which the rapper claims is just entertainment.

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