Styles P Says J. Cole’s Apology to Kendrick Lamar Confused Him

Tiffany Brockworth |

Styles P says he was left confused by J. Cole’s public apology to Kendrick Lamar.

Styles P did say. even though he was confused, he is proud of Cole.

“The emcee with a competitive nature part of me is upset at that young man while the mental wellness take care of your spirit part of me is very proud of him. He just confused the sh-t out of my frequencies but imma always go with the take care of you spirit and please y’all self before you worry about pleasing others!,” the New York emcee posted on Instagram Story.

Styles P went on to say that he did not think Cole wanted to diss Kendrick in the first place

“Throwing jabs eventually leads to throwing power shots at some point and that ain’t his thing or something he wants to do with his fam so he chose to bow out gracefully, never knock a man for bowing out gracefully or choosing to protect his spirit whether you or agree or not that took courage to do,” he concluded.

Was cole right to apologize?

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