Styles P Says Drake Should Have ‘Checked’ 21 Savage Over Nas Remarks

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Styles P says Drake should have checked collaborator and close friend 21 Savage after the rapper called Nas “irrelevant.”

“I like 21 Savage. Don’t love him; I like him a lot. The sh-t he say tickles me pink and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this n-gga said that!’ It’s dope. I f-cks with him. My n-gga, you not a lyricist. F-ck all that,” he told Math Hoffa and crew.

21 faced backlash from the Hip Hop community over his remarks. He then clarified that he would never disrespect Nas but it was too late.

“Drake’s supposed to tell this n-gga, ‘Chill, that’s Nasir Jones,’. My n-gga, you are talented, you are dope, you are f-cking fly, your flavor, you mean a lot to the culture, you are important…[But] you ain’t one of them. You ain’t a three-point shooter from deep. Nas is. Drake’s supposed to say, ‘I am. Kendrick is. Cole is. You are not. Leave him alone, that is our OG.'”

Is he right?

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