Stevie J Wants To “Shoot The Fade” w/ 50 Cent Over Diddy Allegations!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Stevie J invited 50 Cent to “shoot the fade” after the rapper tagged him in an Instagram post.

50 shared a post of an article alleging Diddy tried to groom Lil Rod using a video of Stevie J having relations with another man even though weeks ago, an adult film star, who looks a lot like Stevie J, took responsibility.

“👀whoa say it ain’t so @hitmansteviej_1 WTF, this sh-t is a mess,” wrote 50 tagging the Bad Boy producer.

Stevie J responded within minutes.

“Curtis, what’s good, man? You in your feelings about Daphne ‘cuz she with gang and ’em? Or is it that you’re sucking Lil Rod d-ck. However it go, I want to shoot the fade, n-gga. F-ck all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the sh-t out of you on TV or something,” said the reality star.

“Don’t duck that. I’m calling you out. What you want to do, Curtis, CURTIS,” he said, mimicking Cam’ron once-viral pronounciation of his govrenment name.

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