Stevie J & Faith Evans Divorce FINALIZED … Faith Has To Pay Him $1M In ‘SPOUSAL SUPPORT’!!

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Stevie J and Faith Evan’s marriage is officially over – and Stevie just got himself a BAG OUT OF FAITH.

As Media Take Out reported, Stevie filed for divorce in November 2021 after 3 years of marriage to the former Bad Boy songstress. At the time of filing, Stevie pointed out that the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement and he demanded Faith pay him monthly spousal support.

Faith and her legal team initially objected to the support request.

But Faith Evans decided to pay the man his money. Media Take Out confirmed that the couple has come to a settlement agreement, whereby Faith will pay Stevie a LOT of money.

According to court documents, first published by, Faith’s legal team told the court that the couple “entered into a written agreement regarding their property and their marriage or domestic support partnership rights, including support.”

While Faith didn’t say exactly HOW MUCH she’s paying Stevie, Media Take Out learned that the Love & Hip Hop star is believed to have gotten a million dollars out of the relationship, according to folks close to Stevie.

Stevie married Faith in 2018, and they were married for less than 3 years. During that time, however, Stevie worked to help resurrect Faith’s career – by including her in his reality tv projects, and writing new songs for her.

So what do you think … did Stevie deserve a milli for 3 years of marriage?

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