Steve & Marjorie Harvey Contact The Feds … Block Lori Harvey S*XTAPE … Anyone Who Watched It May Face Charges!

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Lori Harvey and her parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, are going hard to BLOCK any circulation of any videos on social media which purport to be Lori in a graphic video.

And if you watched any such video – YOU MAY BE IN TROUBLE TOO!!

As Media Take Out reported a few days ago, rumors began circulating on social media that an alleged Lori Harvey video was leaked – and circulating online.

One popular blogger claimed to have been offered the video, and suggested that the video was available on social media. Media Take Out was not able to confirm the existence of any such tape.

But Lori and her parents Steve and Marjorie Harvey are pulling out the BIG GUNS to stop the circulation of any tape purporting to show Lori Harvey in a compromising position.

According to a person close to the Harveys, Steve and Marjorie have notified the authorities about the alleged leak – and are planning to work with State and federal agencies to prosecute anyone who is involved with the video.

The family friend told Media Take Out, “If anyone leaks a video, shares the video or even WATCHES the video they’re in trouble.”

We hope none of y’all watched the video . . .

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