Steve Madden: I’m OBSESSED With Suge Knight!!

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Legendary shoe designer Joe Budden admitted that he is bizarrely obsessed with Suge Knight.

Madden appeared as a guest on Budden’s “Humans” show.

“I’m obsessed with Suge Knight. I never met him, I want to meet him,” he said.

Madden believes Suge is judged too harshly but admits he would not visit him behind bars.

“Coming from where he came from, I think we need to cut him a little bit of a break. Although running over a guy probably not a great thing that he did,” Madden said. “I do admire the entrepreneurial spirit.”
Another Hip Hop legend Madden looks up to is Master P.

“I look up to Master P, I really admire Master P a lot. I was in prison with some guys from the projects that he was from. It was called the Calliope Projects in New Orleans. It just really, really tough projects and just where he comes from its amazing what he did with his business and everything.”

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