Steve Harvey Is Now FIGHTING w/ Mo’Nique . . . Steve Responds To Mo Calling Him Out

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Steve Harvey has responded after Mo’Nique called him out during her beef with D.L. Hughley.

“Let me just open by saying I could care less than a…about what you think about me because clearly—clearly—I’m not your problem. And you know what? Anyone who knows me, who really knows me, can’t even make that statement,” he said on his morning radio show.

He then gave his take on how the comedy show went so far left.

“Her management, whoever he is, simply stated ‘I got this gig, you co-headline.’ I promise you that’s what was told. … And that was incorrect information because D.L. put that contract online,” Harvey said. “He was 100 percent headlining. Co-headlining affects the money. If you’re co-headlining, you’re gonna get the same cash.”

Mo’Nique was upset that Hughley was treated as the headliner. She says she was the headliner. Both posted contracts which appeared to show they would be headlining the event.

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