Steve Harvey: My Eldest Daughters Didn’t Want Me To Marry Marjorie … Did He CUT THEM OFF??

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A few months ago, Media Take Out reported that Steve and his two eldest daughters were rumored to not be in the best of places.

In our report, we pointed out that Steve has been dealing with a complex family dynamic and all of the strife in the household is beginning to weigh on The Steve Harvey Show star.

Well now Steve is finally taking about it – and he claims that his eldest daughters did not approve of his marriage with Marjorie. Steve and his then-wife, Marcia Harvey, have twin girls, Brandi and Karli, 40.

As Media Take Out pointed out, the two daughters have been absent from Harvey family photos for more than a year. Here’s a photo from 6 years ago, when the family appeared to be on better terms.

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Steve gave some insight onto what could possibly be happening in his family, during a podcast with Shannon Sharpe.

In the interview Steve explained the drama in his family, saying, “That sh*t is hard.” He continued, “All of the girls decided that they didn’t want us to get married, and said it isn’t the right thing to do.”

Shannon asked, “How did you win them over?” and Steve responded, “I didn’t.”

Steve explained that he decided to “create a home with love,” and invited anyone into it – that was willing to accept the family.

He added, that Lori eventually came around, because she lived at the house with Steve and Marjorie’s other four kids. But the two oldest, didn’t grow up in the home with Marjorie.

Steve didn’t say anything further, in the clip, about the nature of his relationship with his two eldest daughters.

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