Stephen Glover Says Kevin Samuels’ Role In ‘Atlanta’ Was Supposed To Be Played By Steve Harvey

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Stephen Glover reveals that Kevin Samuel’s part in Atlanta was originally meant to be for Steve Harvey.

“I’m a Black man, so to me, Kevin Samuels isn’t that crazy,” Glover told Complex. “He was an old Black man. I think we’ve all met some version of Kevin Samuels before in our lives. We probably have a family member who’s Kevin Samuels.”

He added, “People are getting lazier, so I understand this idea of us putting Kevin Samuels [in an episode] must mean that we hate women, but actually Kevin Samuels did a really good job on this. I think as far as the bigger question of us hating women, we definitely don’t.”

Samuels passed away on May 5th. Many people rejoiced about his death. He was even roasted on the pulpit by Pastor Jamal Bryant who later offered an apology.

“Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘the best way to mess up an apology is to add an excuse.’ I extend my deepest condolences and apologies to # kevinsamuels’ family and friends. Thank you to all who purposed to keep me accountable,” Bryant he captioned an Instagram video.

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