Stephen Curry’s Mom Sonya Does TELL ALL . . . I Almost ABORTED NBA STAR Steph As A BABY!!

Steph Curry’s mother Sonya Curry is really out here doing the most.

Media Take Out learned that the beautiful mother of the NBA superstar is telling all the family secrets. Including that she almost aborted Steph – before he was born.

In a podcast interview with Jemele Hill on Jemele Hill is Unbothered, Sonya Curry, 55, talked about the new TELL ALL book that she’s selling. In the book, Sonya revealed that she had an abortion prior to having her three children and also contemplated another.

“[I was] dating, you know, the older guy when I was in high school leading into college and making the decision about terminating a pregnancy,” she said, referencing these moments as the most emotional parts of the book for her. “Telling those stories and just reliving those feelings that I kind of suppressed and pushed down for a long time … you wonder did it mess them up at some point?”

Sonya shares three children with ex-husband, former NBA player Dell Curry: Stephen Curry, who plays for the Golden State Warriors, Seth Curry who plays for the Brooklyn Nets and daughter Sydel Curry.

After he first abortion, Sonya then reportedly wanted to have another. This abortion would have ended Steph Curry’s life, Media Take Out learned.

she also shares that she contemplated an abortion again when she got pregnant with her oldest son, Stephen Curry. In the interview, she revealed that she actually shared this information with him in hopes of showing how layered and real their lives were, even with all of the afforded luxuries that come with being the children of a professional athlete.

“Yes. I had shared it with him. One of the things that, you know, raising our kids Dell and I had decided that there [were] some things we could tell them, we didn’t hide a lot about our relationship as much because we always wanted to use situations as teaching opportunities for them so that they could understand it at the developmental stage that they were at, but just to also not hide things,” she said of the importance of transparency when raising children in the limelight. “I just think sometimes as parents we think we got to hide things and kids wanted to know that we’re real and it’s not a fairytale out here.

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