Stephen A. Smith Wants Washington Commanders To Have Black Ownership

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After Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder announced his plans to sell the franchise, Stephen A. Smith said he wants the next owner to be Black.

“I’m talking about a majority owner of a National Football League franchise that happens to be a Black person. That would be nice,” Smith said on “First Take.”

Smith believes the NFL lacks diversity when it comes to leadership and ownership.

“One of the things we have discussed and lamented throughout recent history is the lack of representation, the lack of diversity when it comes to the ownership,” he said. “Maybe if there were Black owners, more issues would be addressed more poignantly, more transparency would exist. Obviously more coaches would be of African American descent and beyond. So, I think I look at this as an opportunity to ingratiate an African American into the proceedings.”

We’re sure lots of people would take issue with this…but do y’all agree with Smith?

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