Stephen A. Smith Slams “Lack Of Effort” At NBA All-Star Game

Tiffany Brockworth |

Stephen A. Smith called out NBA players for putting in minimal effort during this weekend’s All-Star Game.

Sunday’s game set the record for most points scored in the game’s 73-year history.

“What transpired last night was an absolute travesty,” Smith said. “Nearly 400 points scored. No defense, no effort whatsoever. This is the ultimate indictment against NBA stars who show up for All-Star weekend. You play harder in the summer when you’re training.”

Smith wants the players to put more effort in as it isn’t just a regular game; it is a huge event for the fans, who want to see some serious athleticism.

“Nobody’s asking you to compete like you’re going up in a playoff game or even a regular season game,” he added. “That is not hard. The fact that you would go out and flagrantly show such a lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball in any capacity is just a travesty.”

Is he right?

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