Stephen A. Smith Says Kaepernick Isn’t NFL Ready

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Stephen A. Smith thinks Kaepernick isn’t ready to rejoin the NFL.

“He’s throwing deep balls to wide receivers who have no corners, no safeties defending against them. After 6 years gone from football, we just gone sit up there be like, ‘yea man. He should be in the NFL,'” Smith said.

Raiders coach McDaniels would not speak on whether they would be signing Kap.

“Just by standard procedure, we will only talk about the people that are on our team,” McDaniels said. “[General manager] Dave [Ziegler] and his staff have worked out tons of guys this spring, and we really don’t make comments about the evaluations that we’ve made; or what they look like, what they didn’t look like.

“They’re kind of private for us as we look at things to try to make decisions to make the team better.”

He added, “If there’s an opportunity to improve the team, we’ve said it from Day 1 that we would look at every opportunity,. He’s not the first player that we’ve looked at, and not the last one. There’s going to be a lot of people that are going to come in and out of this building. … The evaluations we make are private for us, and if we make a decision to add someone to the team then we’ll do it.”

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