Stephen A. Smith Claps Back After Dr. Umar Johnson’s ‘50,000 Lashes’ Remarks

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On The Breakfast Club, Dr. Umar Johnson claimed that Stephen A. Smith deserved 50,000 lashes for his comments defending Jerry Jones who was exposed for attending a pro-segregation rally at his high school.

“All I have to say to Dr. Umar Johnson is this,” Stephen A. says in the clip. “I don’t know any human being alive I would wish 50,000 lashes on. Respectfully, how low can you go? Never met you, don’t know you. Educated brother. I wish you nothing but the best. But you would wish that upon another human being? A brother? Really? That’s how low you would go?”

When Charlamagne tha God asked Johnson how many lashings Smith should get, he responded, “Stephen A. is probably up to 150,000 lashes right now.”

At the time, Smith said: “I’m pissed off but not for reasons people think. I am very, very fond of Jerry Jones, and I’m not hiding that from anybody. Is his record perfect? No, but I’m pissed off because he doesn’t deserve what just happened. He doesn’t deserve it. One report, our report, said he was 14 years old. Another report said he was 15 years old. At minimum that’s 65 years ago.”

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