Stephen A. Smith Calls Kyrie Irving ‘Delusional’

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After the news was announced that Kyrie Irving and representatives from the Brooklyn Nets have stalled mid-contract talks, Stephen A. Smith went on a rant calling Irving “delusional.”

“[Kyrie Irving] thinks that he deserves a four-year extension, fully loaded on top of the $36.5 million dollars. I mean what nerve, what gall. Talk about delusional, I mean that’s this dude, that’s Kyrie Irving,” he said.

“Did you know that this brother right here, Kyrie Irving, would conduct his own practices. So Steve Nash had the team on the floor practicing. They would finish and he’d go and get 5 guys and conduct his own practice! You have any idea how disrespectful that is to the players, you how disrespectful that is to Steve Nash. He conducted his own practices after Steve Nash conducted a practice.”

Now the word is that the Lakers are hoping to pursue a deal for the Irving when NBA free agency begins.

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