Stephen A. Smith Breaks Down Rihanna & Beyonce Comparisons Again

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Stephen A. Smith explained his Rihanna and Beyonce comments again during an appearance on The Breakfast Club.

Smith made remarks which implied that Rihanna was not as vocally strong as Bey, which upset the Navy.

“Rihanna, if she had a problem that would have bothered me, not her fans. I challenge anybody to tell me one negative thing I said about that wonderful performing young lady,” he said.

He revealed he had no idea his comments would ignite such a reaction.

“Sherri Shepherd’s team—I [was] promoting my book last Tuesday—[her] team comes up to me and they said, since you’re here we want to debate. I said, ‘Okay! Bring it, no problem.’ I didn’t know what they were gonna ask, right, but it’s a show no problem. So I’m expecting a debate, right? … I was just in the room talking about Beyoncé, because one of my all-time favorite performers is Beyoncé.”

He added, “One of my favorites, now obviously Dre… Dr. Dre and Snoop [Dogg] and them last year,” he said. “I mean, lord have mercy I’m mad I wasn’t there. But that’s… I think that Beyoncé might be the greatest female performer of all-time, that’s how I feel about her. I think Rihanna’s fantastic. Both of them got my money because I bought both albums, okay, so my attitude was; Rihanna’s great! But, I’m thinking you got a lot to live up to because there’s only one Beyoncé.”

Is he right?

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