Stephen A. Smith BLASTS Ben Simmons For Dissing The Sixers

Lyndon Abioye |

On Sunday, the Boston Celtics played the Philadelphia 76ers in a Game 7 and Ben Simmons hopped on social media to make fun of his former team and Stephen A. Smith was not here for it.

“The only thing worse than James Harden was that sorry trifling a– Ben Simmons. How the hell are you talking about a basketball player when you treat putting on a basketball uniform and dribbling, when you treat that as if somebody asked you to get on the front lines in Ukraine to fight Russia? That’s how scared he is to play basketball,” he ranted. “And that he’s got the nerve to troll anybody is ridiculous. … The nerve, the unmitigated gall of this modern-day ‘Zoolander’ known as Ben Simmons.”

Simmons, who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets, posted on his Instagram story that he was watching the game, with the score being lopsided in Boston’s favor. He was sipping on a glass of wine.

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