Steph Curry’s DAD Just Got Married … Twitter Says To The EX-Wife Of Mom Sonya’s NEW MAN!!

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What in the Kardashian hell is going on with Steph Curry’s family …

Dell Curry spoke with the Charlotte Observer this week, and revealed that he has gotten remarried after his public split with Sonya.

Dell didn’t give any information on his new wife, other than her name “Nicki.” Now folks on Twitter are saying that Nicki’s the ex-wife of the man that Dell’s ex Sonya (Steph’s mom) is dating.

Now that’s some real Kardashian MESS, if true.

Dell said in an interview, “Yes. It’s great. … I didn’t know what I was gonna do (after the divorce). I thought about going to the West Coast. I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m not gonna follow my sons. I’m going to stick it out. Hang here…’ And then I had friends who introduced me to my wife now. I’d met her a couple of times. We talked on the phone for a month before I laid eyes on her. I’m like: ‘Oh, I like this girl, man. What’s going on here?’ I wasn’t going to get married again. But life is great right now. It couldn’t be better. For me, I’m at a great place in my life. My home situation is sound. My kids and their families are doing great. They’re happy for me. I’m happy for them. So life’s good.”

Here’s picture of Dell and Nicki at the playoffs two years ago:

Here’s a pic of Steph’s mom, with the man she’s been dating since the separation, Charlotte businessman Steve Johnson:

And here’s a pic of Steve, with his ex-wife Nicki. Media Take Out was not able to confirm if it’s the same woman that just married Sonya’s ex … but Twitter doesn’t care about confirming anything.

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