Stassi Schroeder Says ‘Others’ Were Involved In Racist ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Firing

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Stassi Schroeder was fired from Vanderpump Rules over a racist incident but she says others were involved too.

“I mean the cast members I’m friends with, everyone was there, I mean they witnessed… Lots of other people were a part of what went down,” she said on the Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast.

“There were more people involved in ‘the incident’ that I was fired for. … And Kristen and I, obviously we were not gonna take people down with us. So we were like ‘Lucky you guys, those of you who didn’t get called out for this.’ So everyone was pretty kind because I think they were feeling lucky that they didn’t, that they still had a job.”

Stassi and her fiance Beau Clark were engaged in July 2019. Their nuptials were due to air on the next season of Vanderpump Rules before she was fired after it was revealed that she reported her Black costar, Faith Stowers to the cops for a crime she knew she did not commit. Another clip of Stassi making racially insensitive remarks on her podcast also resurfaced in 2020.

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