Spice 1 Says Jay-Z Did Not Take Biggie & 2Pac’s Place

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Spice 1 disagrees with Diddy’s claims that Jay-Z stepped into 2pac and Biggie’s shoes after they died.

“JAY-Z ain’t got as many b-tches and he ain’t get as much love as 2Pac had, and he ain’t been in enough movies, so no,” Spice 1 said in an interview.

“Hell nah. JAY-Z got his fame after he was 25. Pac got all of that shit before he was 25. You can’t compare yourself to 2Pac if you over 25. If you over 25 and you’re trying to compare your career to 2Pac, you’ve already lost.”

Earlier this month Diddy said, “Bro, you filled them shoes though. You came in and we definitely give thanks. You definitely came, and I just know how much Big really looked up to Jay. They looked up to each other. That is crazy you had to step into the shoes of two people. That’s all it was was those two people. They had things on lock.

“Hov was coming, but it was like these two cats was just so big, and so to have all of that come on you and have that responsibility to keep this shit fly and keep the art of it going. I think Hov kept the art of it going and take where they was at and take it even higher.”

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