Spice 1 Laughs At Funk Flex Over Emotional Video

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Spice 1 clowned Funk Flex for a video he once posted where he blamed 2Pac for Biggie Smalls getting shot.

Watch the video below:

“To tell you the truth, I was mad at everybody who attacked ‘Pac that wasn’t Biggie. If you wasn’t Biggie, you shouldn’t have sh-t to say about ‘Pac. Period. That’s between ‘Pac and Biggie. That’s why I was gettin’ into it. Like, ‘OK ‘Pac. You and Biggie handle that. I got your back. If any other n-ggas trying to jump in. I got them,'” he said.

Spice 1 continued, “It wasn’t the whole East Coast,” he continued. “Man, I got so much love out there. I f-ck with all the Wu-Tang Clan and Redman and Method Man. First dudes to meet me when I landed in New York City was Run-DMC […] I got so much love for them cats, and I just seen LL playing ‘Strap On The Side’ on one of his talk shows, so I go way back with the East, so I really didn’t want to get into it like that.”

Was Flex right to blame 2Pac?

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