Spencer Pratt Calls ‘The Hills’ Co-Stars ‘Hot Garbage’

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Spencer Pratt does not mind being the villain of MTV’s The Hills, and in a TikTok video, he dragged his MTV costars.

“We’ve got breaking news — The Hills reboot with a new cast has been greenlit,” he said as the theme song, “Unwritten” played in the background. “I cannot confirm or deny that I may end up narrating the series. Most likely, I’ll probably just be the host of the after-show. That’s what I’m manifesting with my crystals.”

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“But, you know, I’m excited because the cast I was involved with was hot garbage,” he added. “So, I look forward to this new cast, who probably deserve to be on television.”

In 2019, his wife, Stephanie Pratt The Hills: New Beginnings.

During an Instagram exchange, a fan asked the star if she would be on season 2, to which she replied, “no.”

“Drama follows me 🤦‍♀️ lolz I’m drained from this year. So happy to be back home in London, where evil siblings don’t exist… but instead the MOST lovely people in the world- you guys are my family these days. I am so grateful, it makes my heart hurt 😂🥰Thank you for making me feel like I belong somewhere 💕,” she wrote on Instagram.

“(Spencer often screamed that everyone hates me, is fake nice to me and to go back to London because no one wants me here). 👍🏻 omg and Heidi- I have no words for how evil you truly are- you had no choice to admit all of the lies you’ve been spewing about me was for a magazine cover 🙈 and for real WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago,” she continued.

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