Speculations GROWS Over What Happened To ‘Brick Lady’ Roda Osman … New Evidence Surfaces!

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TikToker Roda Osman, also known as @rho_reports, recently went viral on the platform after going on social media and claiming to have been assaulted with a brick, while Black men looked on, Media Take Out has learned.

But there’s now a growing speculation about Roda’s story – with many on social media wondering if the incident happened the way she told it.

Osman, a Somali refugee, single Muslim mother, and Ph.D student at the University of Texas at Austin, first detailed her experience on September 4th. In the first video, Osman claimed that she was standing in a parking lot when an unidentified man asked for her number. When she declined, he struck her in the face with a brick. She then turns the camera on the mostly male bystanders who did not intervene.

“This man grabbed a rock and hit me in my f—–g face because I wouldn’t give him my number. And all y’all just f—–g watched,” she said. A man can be heard in the background asking, “What do you want us to do?”

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Osman later put up a GoFundMe page, which has drawn in more than $40,000 from supporters.

Media Take Out reached out to local media, and the Houston police, looking for an incident report – but we found none. And we’re not alone.

Roda told her Instagram followers that she’s working on getting healthy, and that she is “dealing: with police on the matter, Media Take Out has learned.

But we also found something else. Three years ago, someone set up a GoFundMe for a woman named Roda Osman, which raised nearly $5,000. That GoFundme claimed that a “Muslim Black mother” named “Roda” was assaulted by a mystery assailant, and needed to get money for treatment.

That “Roda” from three years ago suffered facial contusions. Seems like quite a coincidence.

Roda claims that she’s a victim, and we here at Media Take Out are supporting her. But not everyone on social media is as supporting.

There are a growing number of people questioning her story – and bringing up some of Roda’s alleged past criminal arrests to bolster their claims.

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