‘Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers Admits She Was A “F*ck Boy” To Rod

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Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers was seen getting close to new cast member Rod Razavi on the show…but even though Rod was eager to pursue something serious, at the moment, she is seen showing more interest in her cheating ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll.

Olivia admits she did Rod dirty.

“I take the blame a hundred percent cause like before [Rod] came on the show, I had like drunken make-outs with him downtown,” she said on The Viall Files. “I put the moves on him, and then when the show started, I immediately like reclused. It was me. I was the f-ckboy, I was the Austen in that situation. I’ve apologized to him profusely for that. But it was kinda fun being a f-ckboy for a bit.”

Olivia says she has a new boyfriend now.

. “His name is Alex. He’s from Dallas. We met at a wedding. I was my dad’s date to a wedding and [my dad] was late to it. He had a business meeting. So I’m walking into this wedding by myself late. [Alex] was an usher. He was like ‘Can I walk you down the aisle?’ I was like it’s a little soon but okay. He’s in finance too so he doesn’t know anything about the show. So that was fun introducing it to him.”

Olivia says she and Alex are very much in love.

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