Soulja Boys Teeth ROTS After Years Of Neglect … Gets New Veneers!

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Rapper Soulja Boy finally got his teeth fixed, after years of neglect caused the 29 year old Atlanta rapper’s teeth to rot, Media Take Out has confirmed.

Soulja Boy is currently the topic of conversation on social media after a photo of his teeth went viral.

This week, a prominent orthodontist in Beverly Hills shared a post to social media began making its rounds online after rap artist Soulja Boy underwent surgery to get his teeth fixed.

According to reports, the 32-year-old’s dentist who performed the procedure shared his dental work to his official social media account, sparking users to dissect the unattractive photo online.

Prior to Soulja’s dental work, Encino Dental Smile posted a picture with the rapper while he posed alongside two dentists back in October 2021 reportedly after an apparent consultation. The company captioned the post,

“This rapper, producer, and entrepreneur is the first person to do just about everything…. yes you guessed right @souljaboy in the house!”

Apparently it took close to a year to fix the rapper’s rotten mouth.

Folka all over Twitter are roasting Soulja Boy – for having such terrible teeth at a young age. Typically teeth don’t fall apart like this until a person is elderly or on drugs.

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