Soulja Boy’s Baby Mama SUES Blueface For Allegedly Lying About Sleeping w/ Her!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Jackilyn Martinez, Soulja Boy’s baby mama is suing Blueface for alleging they slept together on the night before her baby shower.

Jackilyn is the mother of Soulja’s son, says her legal team has sent the “Thothiana” rapper a cease and desist letter.

On Instagram Live with Blueface, Blue said, “What’s old about your BM sucking my d-ck? N-gga, I f-cked your baby mama the day before your baby shower,” he added.

He reportedly tweeted, “Nobody ever said your name … I don’t even know who you are,” on Instagram…but fans were quick to point out that Blueface posted a picture of her on X.

The court docs say, “the defamatory statements tended to directly injure and impugn [Martinez], with respect to [her] offices, professions, trades, vocational capacity, businesses and reputation,” adding that she works in a “business where attitude, trust, stability, being level-headed were not only valued but imperative.”

Will Blueface backtrack or will he double down?

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