Soulja Boy Weighs In On Joe Budden’s Beef With Young Streamers

Lyndon Abioye |

Soulja Boy is weighing in on Joe Budden’s beef with young streamers after he went back and forth with Kai Cenat.

“You gotta let the youngins shine. It’s a new day and age. It’s 2024, when I came out I dealt with the same thing. Let the youngins do their thing. It’s a new wave. Shout out to Kai. Shout out to my boy Adin. People don’t understand the new age…Twitch…streaming,” Soulja told TMZ.

Soulja added that Budden needs to “get with the times.”

Budden and Kai started beefing after Kai dissed Killer mike’s Grammy win.

“Shut up for a change. I’m so sick of these n-ggas. We gotta rush behind Killer Mike. Killer Mike won, we gotta let these n-ggas know what the f-ck we really think,” Budden said in part.

Kai responded to him, saying, “What we have here is a case of old n-gga syndrome […] Stop talking about streaming n-ggas like we some lil’ n-ggas, bro. I could buy you, my n-gga. Do you understand that?”

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