Soulja Boy Threatens To Post Video Of Charleston White Fight!!

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After Charleston White claimed he sprayed Soulja Boy in the face with mace during a confrontation, Soulja says he will post the video of the fight if White doesn’t stop talking.

“I ain’t seen no muthaf-ckin’ video yet,. I’m finna drop this muthaf-ckin’ video since n-ggas wanna … aight, bet. Watch this.”

He continued: “I was gonna keep it cordial, keep in gangsta. But n-ggas wanna hop on the internet doing all that. Aight. Watch this. But until n-ggas show me $100,000 or some white teeth. I don’t wanna hear nothing about it. Broke ass n-ggas. I bet you never touch $1 million.”

“Y’all niggas scary, n-gga. Hashtag pepper spray gang, n-gga. Hopping out on you bitch n-ggas. Get your pepper spray ready.”

Soulja previously claimed he caught White slipping and that White reached into his girl’s purse and pulled out a can of pepper spray.

“If I knew that you n-ggas was gon’ get on the internet, talk all of this gangsta sh-t, all of this crazy sh-t, and reach in your girl purse and start spraying pepper spray in the air running, n-gga, like it’s a trail, n-gga, running with pepper spray. What the f-ck?” he said.

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