Soulja Boy Threatens To Break Blueface’s Jaw!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Soulja Boy snatched back his apology from Blueface and says he is going to break the rapper’s jaw once he is released from prison.

“I ain’t apologize for sh-t. I said I don’t never wanna see another man in jail. But guess what? This p-ssy-ass n-gga can rot in that bitch!” he said.

Soulja also went after Blueface’s baby mama. He previously claimed he was going to try and sleep with them while Blueface is behind bars.

“Your baby mother ugly as f-ck. Ant body bitch. Her ass look like concrete. Her legs skinny as f-ck. And your other baby mother ugly as f-ck. That bitch got one tooth,” he continued. “I’d never f-ck your baby mamas. I’d get AIDS off the top putting my dick in your baby mama, n-gga.”

Soulja also offered $50,000 to any inmate to anally r*pe Blueface behind bars. This is Soulja’s second threat of s-xual violence.

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