Soulja Boy Says Blueface Is A “DEAD MAN WALKING…”

Lyndon Abioye |

Soulja Boy hopped on social media to threaten Blueface as their beef continues.

Blueface claimed he slept with Soulja Boy’s baby mama the night before her baby shower. The woman has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for defamation.

“You a dead man walking [Blueface],” wrote Soulja.

“A n-gga ever tried you and you just wanted to shoot his a*-s like f-ck all the fighting I’m finna pop this n-gga,” wrote the rapper. “Y’all wanna see me crash out so bad right? Watch this.”

The beef began after Blueface was asked by Funny Marco would win between himself and Soulja Boy in a versus. Blueface said he would win against the “Crank That” rapper, and Soulja took offense.

Over the weekend, Blueface was seen dancing and stomping on a certification plaque for Soulja Boy’s 2007 debut album, while performing his song “Hello.” The audience were cheering the rapper on…but Soulja was not happy about the disrespect.

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