Soulja Boy Reveals He Was Close To Ice Spice Before She Blew Up

Lyndon Abioye |

Soulja Boy revealed he was aware of Ice Spice before she blew up and that the two used to speak.

“I like Ice Spice, I ain’t gonna cap. They gonna be like, ‘He picked a girl,’ but yeah, she new, she popping, I like what she doing. On gang, I found out about her before she got popping off,” he told Bootleg Kev.

He continued, “I was talking to her and her sh-t just took off. I like seeing sh-t like that, like a muthaf-cka just be under the radar and then just take off. I like seeing sh-t like that.”

Soulja Boy says he’s open to Ice Spice, who recently announced her partnership with Nicki Minaj.

“Hell yeah! We already talked. I be talking to her. Shout out to Ice Spice, she cool. I like what she doing, for sure.”

Soulja Boy’s album dropped last Friday. According to Say Cheese, Soulja Boy’s album is reportedly set to sell 500 copies in its first week

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