Soulja Boy Goes Off On DJ Vlad: Stay In Your F*cking Lane!!

Soulja Boy slammed DJ Vlad on Instagram Live recently over his coverage of rappers.

“DJ Vlad, you a bitch, right? So be a bitch then, n-gga. Don’t act like you a gangsta, n-gga. Don’t get on the internet talking about, ‘Pull up.’ You’s a bitch, right? Yo, when you got your ass beat, you filed a lawsuit, right? Right. You ain’t ever shot nobody, right? No. You ain’t ever killed nobody, right? No. You don’t own a gang, right? No. You’s a bitch, right? Yes,” he said.

Soulja continued, “You interview people, right? Right. So stop playing with a f-cking real n-gga when you’s a bitch, n-gga. You interview people and ask them have they shot people, right? You don’t get interviewed about shooting people. You interview people and you fascinated with they gangsta stories, right? Right. People don’t interview you and ask you about your gangsta stories, do they? No. So continue to a be a bitch, n-gga. Stay in your f-cking lane.”

Soulja is one of several rappers who have called DJ Vlad out more than once.

Is he right?

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