Soulja Boy Denies Claims He Threatened Charleston White!!

Soulja Boy denies Charleston White’s allegations that he has been threatening him.

Soulja Boy and White have been trading barbs over the internet after an in person showdown resulted in the rapper being maced in the face.

White claims the rapper has been threatening him and his people.

“We got video of Soulja Boy threatening to have people killed,” White said in the clip. “I have video of another n-gga threatening and saying we banned. I’m finna see if I can get them n-ggas on RICO charges. I wanna press charges.”

“I’ll teach you bad muthaf-ckas,” White said. “I know somebody badder than you n-ggas. The goddamn police and that goddamn court system.”

Speaking to XXL, Soulja denied the allegations made by White.

“There’s no way he can press charges,” Soulja told the outlet. “He the one [who] started shooting pepper spray. Nobody threatened him, just laughed at him on Live.”

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