Soulja Boy Blames The OGs For Not Helping The Younger Generation

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Soulja Boy is another rapper who is calling out the OG’s for not advising the young rappers coming up in the game.

“Don’t get it f-cked up, you gotta work hard, you know what I’m saying? I feel like in a way the motherf-cking game failed us because they’re not kicking back enough knowledge to the young n-ggas. They not telling the youngin’s how to get no money, they not tellin n-ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my youngin’s out here going crazy. Airing sh-t out, spinning sh-t. Cause I feel like they failed us in a way,” he said on Instagram Live.

He continued, “All the OG’s you supposed to be kicking knowledge, y’all supposed to be kicking game to the young n-ggas so they really running up a bankroll. And that’s the problem I’m trying to tell you bro like, n-ggas look back and be like where did this n-gga go wrong or what happened? I’m like y’all not kicking back no knowledge to the young n-ggas.”

Is he right?

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